Our school is

today’s school of the future.

We develop PERSONALITIES – the best “ME”

as I can be.

We do not chase after academic achievements –

the achievements catch up with us…

Life = Learning. We DO NOT TEACH, we

HELP you learn to LEARN at your own pace.

We know that “drilled and killed knowledge” does not give passion for life,

virtual communication does not replace face-to-face contact, and IQ does not

reflect multiple intelligences innate to every human…

We develop a child’s creative capacity, imagination,

proactive behaviour, and leadership –

abilities which make us superior to the best robots.

We do not teach what we do not believe in

and in a way which is not acceptable to us,

even if we are asked by parents.

Our pupils are probably the happiest

pupils in Lithuania.

The way we learn
Grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull it.

Combining Max-Brauer-School model with the elements of Finnish educational system and Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, we have created a school worthy of our children. A school, where children do not experience strain and where they can learn at their own pace in accordance with their capabilities. A school, where they “unlock” their strengths and talents. A school, where the boundary between lesson and life disappears. A school which, being part of children’s reality, helps them understand it…

We believe that this is EXACTLY what the future school will be. Because the school of the 20th century no longer suits children of the 21st century.


We work according to the model of Max-Brauer-School and H. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. MORE

In our school:

A part of subjects is learned through topic-based projects, i.e. one topic combines several subjects (mathematics, general science, music, etc.) MORE

The curriculum is enriched with additional courses (included in the tuition fee): robotics, aikido, horticulture, cooking (following Jamie Oliver), chess, dance, theatre, football club

Children learn foreign languages in a natural way, i.e. through language immersion. Moreover, 30 per cent of school subjects are taught in English MORE

We have created the Incubator of Intelligences which enables the children to develop their talents: even more electives, an environment for individual development, and special emphasis on learning “from life”.

Nature is a perfect teacher, therefore, many activities take place outdoors MORE

A team of 17 carefully chosen teachers and other professionals work with the children, e.g., sports are taught by an aikido master (4th dan holder), chess – by a meritorious Lithuanian chess coach and FIDE arbiter, etc. Our teachers go on internships to the best practice schools abroad on a regular basis MORE


  • Schoolwork takes place from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. without fragmentation into 35/45 min lessons; there is no school bell MORE
  • There is no homework; children do not have to take textbooks and exercise-books home MORE
  • There are no grades and the school aspires to opt out of centralized tests/examinations MORE

Incubator of Intelligences
“It’s not about how smart you are,
it’s about HOW you are smart!”
Howard Gardner
According to the eminent developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, “we can ignore our differences and pretend that we are all the same (…). Or we can fashion an education system that tries to exploit these differences, individualizing instruction and assessment as much as possible.”
Pursuant to the latest neurobiological, neuropsychological, and anthropological data, H. Gardner proposed a THEORY OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES.
This theory claims that all humans have eight (later H. Gardner added more) intelligences which are inherent to a lesser or greater extent in each one of us. One or several intelligences may be either nurtured and strengthened or ignored and weakened.


Activities enriching the curriculum

The following compulsory subjects are included in the curriculum and the tuition fee:

– robotics,

– aikido (as PE lesson),

– horticulture,

– cooking (following Jamie Oliver),

– chess,

– dance,

– theatre,

– football (during the warm season of the year)


Optional activities

The following activities are optional and take place before/after the lessons (subject to additional fee)

Violin and piano lessons after the Suzuki method, MENAR mental arithmetic lessons, chess club, IT, ballroom dance studio, handicraft class, art, pottery, cooking, as well as individual sessions with a speech therapist.


Environment for individual development

Carpenter’s workshop, “Legotheque”, Reggio light tables, costumes for spontaneous stage plays, library, lessons in the forest, football square, outdoor class, school garden, climbing frames, swings, tracks for bicycles, scooters and roller skates, a hill for sledge rides in the wintertime, etc.


Learning “from life”

Special tasks (e. g., children calculated the impact of their bus trip to Warsaw on the climate change and planted an appropriate number of trees to compensate this pollution), simulated events (e.g., a fire simulation during which a team of real firemen comes to the school and teaches children how to behave in case of real danger), socially responsible actions, thematic excursions, etc.


The school also offers activities for PARENTS (educational workshops, modern dance, violin and piano lessons, etc.).
After all, it is never too late to discover your talents, and it’s even more fun to do it together with your child!


We care a lot about our children’s health and

organic lifestyle. Therefore,

  • We have built an ECO house with “breathing” walls; the children can easily rearrange themselves the ergonomic school furniture

    they are using MORE

  • School lighting has been designed by taking into account the latest data on the impact of light on children’s learning abilities

    and health MORE

  • Both games and lessons take place in a 10 000 square meter territory that is surrounded by nature. During the break, children bicycle, sled down the hill in the winter, play football with teachers, etc. MORE
  • A freshly prepared, healthy and balanced food is being served daily, as well as pure drinking water from our drilled water well MORE
  • The status of a Health Promoting School has been awarded to Saules Gojus.
Achievements / Feedback
Academic achievements

Results of the English language test PTE Young Learners (levels 2 and 3) achieved by 8 Saulės gojus 4th graders in 2015: 1 certificate cum laude for level 3, 3 certificates of merit for level 3 and 4 certificates of merit for level 2. Pupils’ knowledge has been assessed by the experts of the United Kingdom whom the interview records of the children have been sent to. Saulės Gojus pupils received the highest (A and B level) scores proving that they are proficient users, able to understand and communicate in English with ease.

Achievements in KANGAROO competition.

The score average of SG pupils has been exceeding the national average for several consecutive years.

Kangaroo Mathematics
In 2017, three 1st – 6th graders from „Saulės gojus“ were in the Top 10 of Vilnius District (1st, 3rd, 8th places).
Language Kangaroo (Lithuanian, English, German)
22.7 thousand pupils from Lithuania took part in this competition in 2017. National average score – 183.2; SG average score – 190.35. SG was awarded 8 Gold, 7 Silver, and 2 Orange diplomas.
Kangaroo Natural Sciences
5.8 thousand Lithuanian pupils took part in this competition in 2017. National average score – 177; SG average score – 183.5. SG was awarded Orange diplomas.
History Kangaroo
1.8 thousand Lithuanian pupils took part in the competition in 2016. National average score – 175.36; SG average score – 183.5. SG was awarded two Silver diplomas.
Leaders’ Round in the national Language Kangaroo
In 2015, a 3rd grader from SG was the only primary school pupil to appear among the Top 10 nationwide. He was awarded a trip to Slovakia.
In 2015, our school has been recognized as an educational establishment meeting the requirements for schools recommended to the members of the US diplomatic staff. In Lithuania, only the American International School of Vilnius (www.aisv.lt) was granted the same recognition


“Saulės Gojus develops the child’s capacity to study, assume responsibility for his acts and inactions, have his own opinion and defend it, create, cooperate, and assay his strengths even in such areas, in which he does not have any special talents”. Guoda and Aris Azguridžiai, Lėja’s parents

“It was in Saulės gojus, where Amelija learnt to enjoy not only the result, but also the process itself. (…) Your school is a figure of authority to me, as a mother and a teacher.” Akvilė Krutkevičiūtė, Amelija’s mother


Newsroom / Reads

Why boys have more difficulties at school…

Why boys have more difficulties at school…READ…


Documentary “Labs of the future” (with Lithuanian subtitles): success stories of several German alternative schools. Watch

Be the first to learn!
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Practical information

Monthly fee: 515 EUR (10 payments/year).

A 10% discount is applied for the second child and for further children attending Saulės Gojus at the same time.

Fee includes:

  • education according to the national general education programme;
  • child care on weekdays 7:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. (from the 1st of September to the 30th of June);
  • English language lessons every day (using CLIL and language immersion methods);
  • German language (optional);
  • subjects supplementing the curriculum: robotics, horticulture, culinary, chess, aikido, dance, theatre, football club;
  • excursions and educational activities in Vilnius (charges for sightseeing trips around Lithuania and abroad are subject to individual agreement);
  • aikido day camp (the last week of June);
  • accident insurance for children;
  • international PTE Young Learners English language test (in the 4th grade) followed by the award of an international certificate;
  • counselling;
  • traditional annual school holidays: Community day (school birthday), Christmas celebration, Užgavėnės (Mardi Gras), February 16 (Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence), March 11 (Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania), end-of-year celebration.

Fee applies to the school year 2018/2019.

Information on additional fees applicable in the school: here

We render transportation service. In our bus, children are always accompanied by grown-ups.

Information on transportation routes, schedule, and fees is available here

For the meeting with the administration of the school, call + 370 688 00890

or email to mokykla@saulesgojus.lt

Admission terms and conditions: here

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VšĮ „Saulės gojus“

J. Montvilo 29, Grigaičių km.,

Vilniaus r. LT – 13126

Tel.: +370 655 52169



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